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Tuesday, December 6th


The open government includes all the initiatives that « open » the public sphere to the civil society and firms (open public data, citizen consultations…). The open data is therefore an essential element of open government, since the opening of public data enables companies to develop new activities, researchers to conduct new surveys, citizens to be informed, etc…

The state cannot be the only player in the open-government: territories (cities, counties, regions …) have their role to play. For example, in the economic field where local authorities are in contact with firms that manage public services in transport, energy, urban planning, environment etc. The opening of public data, in one way or another, can be profitable.

The open government for territories takes more sense in the context of decentralization and the gradual transfer of competencies from the state to communities. The territories have many good practices to share, but also issues and must absolutely be accompanied and assisted in this process.

The Forum’s ambition :

To discuss institutional, legal, technologic and economic issues of local open data, with elected representatives, private companies (large enterprises managing public services), innovative start-ups, french and international legal experts…
To exchange good practices at an international level, a day before the opening of a dedicated global summit.
To clear the way for new actions and collaborations in order to help territories to engage in this local open government approach.


logoThe Open Government Partnership is a multilateral initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance. In the spirit of multi-stakeholder collaboration, OGP is overseen by a Steering Committee including representatives of governments and civil society organizations. In total, 70 OGP participating countries have made over 2,500 commitments to make their governments more open and accountable. France serves as Lead Chair on the OGP steering committee from October 2016. As such, France will host the OGP Global Summit at the end of the year. Representatives from governments, academia, civil society and international organizations will gather to share their experiences and best practices and push forward the open government global agenda in light of the great challenges of the modern world.

The OGP Global Summit 2016 will take place in Paris, France on December 7, 8 and 9, with additional events December 5 and 6. The agenda for the Global Summit will be based on an open call for proposals from the entire open government community.

The Local Government Open Data Forum organized on Tuesday, December 6th, is endorsed as an « OGP summit associated event ». In this regard, it is mentioned in the official programme of associated events at this address.


Half a day of debates (9am – 12.30 pm) animated by Fabienne Lissak (10 years’ journalist at Bloomberg TV)

o   9h-9h15 : Opening

Emmanuel Grégoire, Deputy Mayor of Paris, in charge of Human Resources, public utilities and modernization of public administration

o   9h15-10h30 : Local public Open Data and concessions 

Bertrand Serp, president of Opendata France and vice-president of Toulouse Métropole

Pierre Chabanne, general delegate of IGD

Jean-Marc Lazard, president of OpenDataSoft

Discover the OpenDataSoft presentation

Jean-Guy de Ruffray, lawyer at Altana, Right of ICT and data protection

Discover Jean-Guy de Ruffray’s presentation

Szymon Lewandowski, Legal and Policy Officer, Data Policy and Innovation Unit, DG CONNECT (Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology), European Commission

Discover Szymon Lewandowski’s presentation

o   10h30-11h10 : Thematic presentations with practical examples in energy and mobility sectors

Christian Buchel, chief digital and international officer of Enedis

Discover Enedis dedidated to open data website’s screenshots

Laurent Kocher, marketing, innovations and services executive director of Keolis

o   11h10-11h30 : Local public Open Data, « new oil » for economic actors ?

Antoine Marcou, Energy, Utilities & Transportation manager, Wavestone

Marie-Joëlle Thenoz, Public Sector Partner, Wavestone

Discover Wavestone France’s presentation

o   11h30-12h15 : Local public data and digital sovereignty, what kind of cooperation between private and public sectors?

Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, delegate vice-president of MEDEF, founder of « Université du numérique »

Olivier Sichel, president of Digital New Deal Foundation

o   12h15 : Conclusion – Presentation of Big Data Nation Charter

David Bessis, Tinyclues CEO, Board member of France Digitale

Discover the Big Data Nation Charter

o   12h30 : Conclusion, local and open government in São Paul

Caroline Burle, responsible for international relations,

Discover Caroline Burle’s presentation

Gustavo Carneiro Vidigal, coordinator of São Paulo Aberto Initiative at São Paulo’s town hall

Click on the video produced by Enedis!


Logo OpenData France

Born in 2013, OpendataFrance is an association that brings together territorial communities which have published their data in an open data approach.

OpendataFrance acts as a federator: it allows members to share online resources (portal, social networks, messaging, document sharing), to carry out common projects (standardization, legal clauses, common actions with operators), to share good practices (call for project, animation, …) and to help each other simply in the animation and the development of projects.

OpendataFrance is also a gateway to any community wishing to embark on a project to open up public data and willing to seek practical and methodological information. The association can answer questions, direct the interlocutors to the right people, testify on a collective basic of the work and results of its actions.

Logo Institut de la Gestion Déléguée

L’Institut de la Gestion Déléguée (IGD) is a corporate foundation, created by the French State in 1996, who brings together all stakeholders in the management of public services: representatives of the State, associations of elected representatives, users associations, public and private companies and funders.

The Institute works to promote the quality and efficiency of public services and is a privileged interlocutor of the State for all matters relating to the management of public services. The IGD also participates in legislative and regulatory developments, in the awareness of public investment in public policies and in the promotion of the French model management of public services abroad.

Logo Opendatasoft

OpenDataSoft develops a complete online platform designed for the fast and cost-effective transformation of all types of data into innovation services (APIs, data visualizations, real-time monitoring) and without any volumetric limits. Its mission: facilitate the publication, the sharing and re-use of data by business users. OpenDataSoft enables organizations to value their data quickly and economically.

In a dynamic of open innovation, modernization of the organization and transparency, it becomes easy to initiate a smart city approach on its territory. Located in Paris, OpenDataSoft has among its clients the Interior Ministry, the Île-de-France region, Paris, Toulouse, Rennes, Lille, the SNCF, Keolis, Suez, EDF, Enedis …

Logo Altana Law

Created in 2009, ALTANA is an independent law firm, providing flexibility in its organization and in the availability of its lawyers. Independent but not isolated, since ALTANA’s lawyers maintain close relations with foreign law firms with which they intervene regularly. Wishing to offer to their clients a comprehensive assistance, they also frequently work with experts from other disciplines (tax specialists, financial consultants, engineers, economists, academics…). 60 lawyers including 16 partners that have been working together for several years.

Logo Enedis


Enedis is a public service company that operates the electricity distribution network and employs 38,000 people. On behalf of 35 million customers, it develops, operates and modernises 1.4 million km of low and medium voltage power line (220 and 20,000 volts) and manages related data. Enedis connects customers to the grid, provides a breakdown repair service (24/7), reads meters and carries out all technical operations. It is independent from energy suppliers, which are responsible for selling electricity and managing the electricity supply contract.

Le logo de Keolis

Keolis is one of the world’s leading public transport operators. The company is majority owned (70%) by the French state railway SNCF, the other shareholder being Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ). Present in 16 countries with 56,000 employees, Keolis develops tailored mobility solutions (automatic metros, tramways, trains, buses, coaches, ferries, self-service bicycles) adapted to local environments. The Group offers solutions and services via its subsidiary, Kisio. It is also the second leading car park operator in France thanks to its subsidiary EFFIA. In 2015, Keolis transported 3 billion passengers and generated 5 billion euros in revenue.

Le logo de l'association France Digitale

We bring together the champions of digital entrepreneurship: start-ups with strong growth plans and potential investors (venture capitalists and business angels).

France Digitale was born in 2012. Our mission is to transform France into a territory that is ripe for the development of start-ups, both within our borders and abroad.

France Digitale’s actions hinge on two main areas: ramping-up the digital arena: community building, a feeling of belonging, networking, knowledge transfers, exchanges of good practices, and so on ; lobbying French public institutions, major economic players, the media, and the European Commission.

Le logo de Wavestone - 2


Wavestone is a consulting firm, resulting from the merger of Solucom and the European activities of Kurt Salmon (excluding consulting in the retail & consumer goods sectors outside France).

Wavestone’s mission is to inform and guide its clients in their most strategic decisions based on a triple functional, sectoral and technological expertise.

With 2,500 employees on 4 continents, the firm figures among the leading independent consultants in Europe and forms the 1st independent consulting firm in France.

The Local Government Open Data Forum 2016 will take place at

L’Automobile Club,

6 place de la Concorde,

75008 Paris

from 9am to 12.30 pm

Thanks for your participation! Soon the report will be online!

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